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Welcome to the Global Learning Exchange™


Global Learning Exchange™ was designed to help reduce inequities in education, improve educational outcomes relative to other online learning solutions, and empower the next generation of global learners—regardless of location.

A World-Class Education

With Unprecedented Support


Global Learning Exchange™ provides highly motivated students around the world with practicable, locally-supported access to world-class higher education and skills development programs – and connects them with the resources to leverage that access into life-changing career opportunities.

Global Learning Exchange™ gives learners the ability to choose from many high-quality on-line degree programs from US and UK institutions. Our local GLX Hubs provide local, in-person support that emphasizes engagement, professional development, and career planning. Each community offers a lifetime of learning, mentoring, and a network of coaches and advisors.

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GLX Hub Locations

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Global Learning Exchange™ is Coming to Nigeria in 2023

Over the past several years, an average of 2 million students in Nigeria have applied to enroll in higher education programs annually – but 75% have been denied admission simply because there aren’t enough enrollment openings.  

That’s exactly why Global Learning Exchange is collaborating with UNESCO REF and The August Project to facilitate awareness of our program offerings and to support the launch of multiple GLX-Hub facilities.

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Global Learning Exchange™ Bahamas is now accepting student applications!


In partnership with the Bahamas Institute of Business & Technology (BIBT), Global Learning Exchange™ connects Bahamian students to global education opportunities.


All programs include complementary access to academic support, networking resources, and career development opportunities based out of our brand-new GLX Hub in Nassau.


Contact an Enrollment Advisor today for details. 


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