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Sonic Foundry's Global Learning Exchange (GLX) has entered a partnership with Colorado State University Global (CSU Global) to broaden the array of degree programs accessible to GLX students. CSU Global, as the first 100% online, regionally accredited nonprofit university in the U.S., provides access to its fully online, globally recognized, career-focused degree and certificate programs. Through this partnership, CSU Global’s extensive roster of fully online, internationally recognized, career-focused degree and certificate programs will soon be available to Global Learning Exchange students. 

Sonic Foundry CEO Joe Mozden, Jr. expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, noting that CSU Global's commitment to student-focused innovation aligns with GLX's mission. He highlighted CSU Global's extensive support resources, emphasizing the partnership as a significant stride toward GLX's goal of offering a more diverse range of options in online education for students and professionals worldwide.

Global Learning Exchange™ (GLX) has partnered with EC-Council University (ECCU), the educational branch of The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). This collaboration will grant GLX students access to globally recognized cybersecurity certification programs such as Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Network Defender, and Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator. These certifications, endorsed by prominent security bodies, position students for success in the rapidly growing cybersecurity job sector.  

ECCU's President, Lata Bavisi, emphasized the initiative's goal of addressing the cybersecurity workforce gap, highlighting the significance of quality education and certifications. Additionally, ECCU certifications are often transferable as course credits for Bachelors and Masters-level degree programs in cyber security and computer science. Sonic Foundry CEO Joe Mozden, Jr. expressed enthusiasm for ECCU, noting its representation of the global standard in cybersecurity education and its alignment with GLX's commitment to providing future-oriented, career-focused education.

Global Learning Exchange (GLX) has opened a Hub in Nassau, Bahamas, in collaboration with the Bahamas Institute of Business and Technology. This innovative college Hub combines online classes with in-person student support, providing a space equipped with technology for video classes, collaborative projects, and student-staff interactions. The first classes, offered by Hilbert College, will be available this fall. GLX, created by Sonic Foundry, aims to establish similar Hubs in developing countries, catering to students without internet access at home or the means to travel long distances for education. The Hub model, blending online and in-person elements, is seen as a transformative approach to higher education. Sonic Foundry is exploring partnerships with colleges in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and other countries in Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. The success of GLX Hubs could present a business opportunity for Sonic Foundry, offering a new direction for the company. 

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