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This is such an awesome program! Education, as we know it, is in transition with Global Learning Exchange.

I traveled every week to complete my associate, Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Program and now, this is so much easier for Bahamians. I applaud Global Learning Exchange for making education affordable and accessible for all Bahamians. This is important.

Global Learning Exchange is innovative and a game changer for Bahamians wishing to pursue a higher education outside of the Bahamas. GLX affords the opportunity to make pursuing a higher education outside of the Bahamas a reality. GLX allows persons to work and gain education, at the same time, providing flexibility for individuals to move forward.

I am thrilled that I attended the information session. What I see is an evolution in learning style, as Global Learning Exchange provides an option in the Bahamas that did not exist before now. GLX is providing a platform where both rich and poor are able to be a part of the learning process. I am happy GLX is here and would like to see it’s continued growth.

Because of the many universities affiliated with Global Learning Exchange, people have options. The environment at GLX is enriching (air conditioned!) and it’s a quiet place to study and learn.

Global Learning Exchange is a great opportunity for Bahamians to get their education, especially if they can’t afford to go abroad. GLX makes education more accessible and efficient.

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