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Breaking down barriers.

Become part of the GLX experience
and live local - study global.

Breaking down barriers.

Become part of the GLX experience and live local - study global.

Why choose GLX?

We are pioneering new ways of teaching and learning, around the world.

Are you an ambitious, self-motivated learner? Are you ready to commit to an elevated education experience to achieve your educational goals? At GLX, we know how important your education is, and that’s why our local enrolment advisors will help you make an informed decision that will fit into your lifestyle. When you study through GLX, you’ll be offered the following;

Study on your own terms

Because we understand that life can be unpredictable and demanding, we’ve designed our offerings to be flexible. You can start and place courses on hold based on your schedule and availability, allowing you to balance your educational journey with your personal and professional commitments.

Flexible Payment Plans

Financial constraints should not hold you back from achieving your career goals which is why we offer affordable payment plans that are just as flexible as our course offerings. You can choose a plan that suits your budget.

Our commitment

We are committed to providing a seamless education experience for our learners, which is why we have invested a tremendous amount of thought, planning, and resources to ensure that the only thing you need to do online, is take classes. We take care of everything else, from course materials and assessments to technical support and learner services, so you can focus on your education.

The GLX difference

Empowering the next generation of global learners by connecting them to world-class institutions.

We understand that education is not always a linear process. To better equip individuals for today’s job market, we offer a unique combination of employable job skills, degrees and certifications. Our offerings are designed to be affordable, accessible, and career-ready, delivered by accredited institutions without requiring you to leave your home country.

With GLX, the possibilities for learning and growth are endless.

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Elevate your career with a remote internship through GLX.

Enroll in an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s programme through any GLX partner to be eligible.
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Elevate your career with a remote internship through GLX.

Enrol in an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s programme through any GLX partner to be eligible.
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Get in touch

Enrolling on a virtual internship, getting paired with your host company, and navigating your internship journey is a seamless process overseen by an expert team. To find out more, contact us.

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